Kratom Dosing Guidelines

Kratom has been used for several purposes. Kratom is said to help reduce anxiety, reduce stress, give a person energy, allow a person to sleep well, reduce the feeling of pain, and allow a person to have a euphoric feeling. In order for a person to enjoy these benefits they need to take the correct dose of kratom. There is some information to help a person enjoy kratom properly.

 Kratom Dosage Terms

Super: this form of kratom comes from the biggest leaves that grow on the kratom tree. These leaves have a higher alkaloid level and will usually provide a stronger effect.

Premium: this form of kratom takes longer to produce. The weeds of the plants and the stems are moved since they do not contain alkaloids. Only the leaves from the kratom tree are used.

Kratom extract: the extra is made by boiling down the leaves until they are a thick resin. The resin is then crushed up and the extracts from this is bottled. The extracts are strong and they are more potent.

 Dosage Guidelines

When a person is looking to have an enjoyable experience from kratom it is important they follow the guidelines. While people will have a slightly different effect these guidelines will allow a person to have an enjoyable experience.

 Super Kratom Dosage

When a person is using super kratom in order to have a desired effect they can take between four and five grams of the kratom in powered form. If a person is using it for the first time they should use two to three grams. A person should not exceed eight grams even if they are frequent users. This can lead to undesirable side effects.

 Premium Kratom Dosage

When using premium kratom a person can take between five and seven grams for the desired effect. People that are just starting out with this kratom can take around four grams. Those that are looking for a powerful effect can take between ten to twelve grams of this kratom.


If extracts have been added to the kratom a person will not need to use as much to get the desired effect. The extracts make the kratom more potent so a smaller amount is needed. When using this form of kratom a beginner only needs around one gram to feel the desired effect. People that are looking for a stronger effect can use three grams. A person should not exceed five grams even if they are experienced users since this form of kratom is very powerful.

These are some dosing guidelines when using the different types of kratom. These guidelines will allow a person to have a pleasant experience and avoid side effects from using too much kratom at one time.