How much does an ounce of Kratom cost?

Mitragyna Speciosa, which is commonly known as Kratom, is excessively grown in the islands and forests of South-East Asia. Previously, it was used by farmers to elevate their energy. After some time, people get familiar with its positive and excellent effects and now it is widely being used by a lot of Asia, Europeans and US residents. There are many different ways to take in Kratom. You can choose it in the form of capsules or powder. It can also be taken in by mixing it in tea or making Kratom tea. You can also ingest Kratom by adding its powder in food or different juices. The legislation of Kratom is not the same in all states. Some states are lucky enough because they can use it without any fear. Other countries are unlucky because Kratom is officially banned by the government.

Price of Kratom in different regions:

The amount of Kratom depends upon the product. Kratom can be purchased locally from any smoke shop, or you can also buy it online. It has been observed that the Kratom available online is affordable as compared to the Kratom available at the smoke shops. One ounce of Kratom is approximately equal to 28 grams.  If you are willing to buy Kratom from online vendor Kratora, then you can get 1 ounce at $11. Kraken Kratom is selling 1 ounce of Kratom at $8.45, which is an entirely reasonable rate. The best thing about this vendor is that if you are sharing their page on social sites, then you will get 10% off at any products.

Kratom is available at very reasonable rates on online shops. PurKratom is very trustworthy as well as a reliable vendor. They sell Kratom 1 ounce of Kratom at $9. Super Botanicals is another vendor who is selling Kratom online. They offer 1 ounce of Kratom at $11.99. PurKratom is the best vendor by the Kratom of high quality.

Purchasing of Kratom:

You can quickly get Kratom online as well as locally. There is a lot of online vendors that are selling Kratom. These online shops are trustable and reliable. Locally you can quickly get Kratom from smoke shops. Smoke shops are only available in the states where Kratom is legalized. Kratom available online is much cheaper than the Kratom available on the smoke shops. If you are willing to buy Kratom online, then you can blindly trust on PurKratom and Super Botanicals.


If you are going to purchase Kratom either online or from any smoke shop, then confirm that the quality of the product is very high. Some smoke shops are selling Kratom with deficient quality, which is harmful to our health. Some online vendors are also selling low-quality Kratom. Not only the quality but some online shops, as well as smoke shops, are selling Kratom with more rates as compared to the original price. This is why be very vigilant and careful while purchasing Kratom.