Etizolam Overview and Dosage

Etizolam is a drug that belongs to a class of chemicals known as thienodiazepines. It was originally established in Japan during the 1980’s specifically to treat insomnia and anxiety. Currently, countries like Italy and India have joined Japan in enjoying its numerous benefits. There is no law limiting its use in those countries, which has triggered immense distribution and sale of the drug. Surprisingly, Etizolam has also been tested in animals and obtained very fruitful results. It can be ingested rectally or sublingually but the common mode of administration is oral.

Etizolam Usage and Mechanism 

Although there are other health benefits, the main use of this drug is treating anxiety and depression. It achieves these effects by acting on the nervous and limbic system. The drug attaches to the benzodiazepine receptor, causing an improved and prolonged fastening of GABA to the GABA receptor. This causes an extended opening of the chloride channels. This leads to an influx of chloride, which ultimately causes hyperpolarization of the neuron, rapidly reducing the activities of the nervous system. With the activities moderated, there is no much information sent to the brain, and thus a calming feeling is experienced by the patient.

Pharmacokinetics of Etizolam 

As mentioned before, this drug is commonly administered orally. It is subsequently distributed throughout your body tissues before binding to the proteins. Your liver then metabolizes the drug, and the metabolites are excreted primarily by the kidneys. Its effects are experienced in less than an hour after consumption. This drug remains active for about six hours after which it is quickly removed from the system. Its operations differ from other drugs that remain in the body of the user for prolonged periods, causing more harm than good.

The Dosage for Treating Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia

The recommended dosage for fighting depression is 1mg Etizolam tablet, which should be administered two to three times a day. For anxiety, the dosage ranges between 1mg and 0.5mg and just like with depression, it ought to be ingested at least three times a day. When taking the drug to treat insomnia, one should take it just a couple of minutes before bedtime, about one to two mg. For panic attack, 0.5g of Etizolam taken twice a day is sufficient. After purchasing this drug, it is imperative to adhere to the recommended prescription to obtain optimal results.

Just like with all other medications, Etizolam must be consumed with caution and discipline. This particular drug carries a slight hypotonic effect that goes a long way in preventing panic attacks. Although the use of Etizolam has not been legally approved in the United States, its effectiveness as an excellent anti-depressant and potent anxiolytic drug has captured the attention of many users in the market.