Etizolam Overview and Dosage

Etizolam is a drug that belongs to a class of chemicals known as thienodiazepines. It was originally established in Japan during the 1980’s specifically to treat insomnia and anxiety. Currently, countries like Italy and India have joined Japan in enjoying its numerous benefits. There is no law limiting its use in those countries, which has triggered immense distribution and sale of the drug. Surprisingly, Etizolam has also been tested in animals and obtained very fruitful results. It can be ingested rectally or sublingually but the common mode of administration is oral.

Etizolam Usage and Mechanism 

Although there are other health benefits, the main use of this drug is treating anxiety and depression. It achieves these effects by acting on the nervous and limbic system. The drug attaches to the benzodiazepine receptor, causing an improved and prolonged fastening of GABA to the GABA receptor. This causes an extended opening of the chloride channels. This leads to an influx of chloride, which ultimately causes hyperpolarization of the neuron, rapidly reducing the activities of the nervous system. With the activities moderated, there is no much information sent to the brain, and thus a calming feeling is experienced by the patient.

Pharmacokinetics of Etizolam 

As mentioned before, this drug is commonly administered orally. It is subsequently distributed throughout your body tissues before binding to the proteins. Your liver then metabolizes the drug, and the metabolites are excreted primarily by the kidneys. Its effects are experienced in less than an hour after consumption. This drug remains active for about six hours after which it is quickly removed from the system. Its operations differ from other drugs that remain in the body of the user for prolonged periods, causing more harm than good.

The Dosage for Treating Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia

The recommended dosage for fighting depression is 1mg Etizolam tablet, which should be administered two to three times a day. For anxiety, the dosage ranges between 1mg and 0.5mg and just like with depression, it ought to be ingested at least three times a day. When taking the drug to treat insomnia, one should take it just a couple of minutes before bedtime, about one to two mg. For panic attack, 0.5g of Etizolam taken twice a day is sufficient. After purchasing this drug, it is imperative to adhere to the recommended prescription to obtain optimal results.

Just like with all other medications, Etizolam must be consumed with caution and discipline. This particular drug carries a slight hypotonic effect that goes a long way in preventing panic attacks. Although the use of Etizolam has not been legally approved in the United States, its effectiveness as an excellent anti-depressant and potent anxiolytic drug has captured the attention of many users in the market.

Kratom Dosing Guidelines

Kratom has been used for several purposes. Kratom is said to help reduce anxiety, reduce stress, give a person energy, allow a person to sleep well, reduce the feeling of pain, and allow a person to have a euphoric feeling. In order for a person to enjoy these benefits they need to take the correct dose of kratom. There is some information to help a person enjoy kratom properly.

 Kratom Dosage Terms

Super: this form of kratom comes from the biggest leaves that grow on the kratom tree. These leaves have a higher alkaloid level and will usually provide a stronger effect.

Premium: this form of kratom takes longer to produce. The weeds of the plants and the stems are moved since they do not contain alkaloids. Only the leaves from the kratom tree are used.

Kratom extract: the extra is made by boiling down the leaves until they are a thick resin. The resin is then crushed up and the extracts from this is bottled. The extracts are strong and they are more potent.

 Dosage Guidelines

When a person is looking to have an enjoyable experience from kratom it is important they follow the guidelines. While people will have a slightly different effect these guidelines will allow a person to have an enjoyable experience.

 Super Kratom Dosage

When a person is using super kratom in order to have a desired effect they can take between four and five grams of the kratom in powered form. If a person is using it for the first time they should use two to three grams. A person should not exceed eight grams even if they are frequent users. This can lead to undesirable side effects.

 Premium Kratom Dosage

When using premium kratom a person can take between five and seven grams for the desired effect. People that are just starting out with this kratom can take around four grams. Those that are looking for a powerful effect can take between ten to twelve grams of this kratom.


If extracts have been added to the kratom a person will not need to use as much to get the desired effect. The extracts make the kratom more potent so a smaller amount is needed. When using this form of kratom a beginner only needs around one gram to feel the desired effect. People that are looking for a stronger effect can use three grams. A person should not exceed five grams even if they are experienced users since this form of kratom is very powerful.

These are some dosing guidelines when using the different types of kratom. These guidelines will allow a person to have a pleasant experience and avoid side effects from using too much kratom at one time.

Opms Kratom Silver

OPMS kratom provides its customers with three different products which are opms silver, opms gold, and opms liquid. This research is focusing mainly on the opms kratom silver product; it comes in different blends; Thai maeng da and Molay special reserve. Usually is presented primarily in powders and capsule form and this product it has high levels of alkaloids since it can take up to 95% of the plant’s alkaloid content.

Opms kratom silver has been categorized as the most selling kratom brand in the US among other kratom products although there’s no clear way to prove a that.


They are usually packaged in pairs that cost $15. Its price is relatively high as compared to another brand whose prices range between $2-$4 per capsule, and this implies that opms kratom silver is more effective and preferred compared to its counterparts.


Opms kratom silver is said to be strong since it contains high alkaloid levels, it makes the user feel a little weak, but its effects can last for more extended periods, if taken in smaller amounts it acts as a stimulant and also gives euphoria effect on the other side if made in large quantities it provides sedative effects. Users should be full knowledge about experienced impacts from consumption of this brand

In short opms kratom silver offers the user with the following benefit;

  1. This strain does well in relieving pain – it is said to be a handy way to cure various body pains that include headaches and joint pains hence reducing discomfort associated with this pain it also helps in treating insomnia and helps the user to feel relaxed
  2. Improves mental functioning – persons who consume this type of kratom have ascertained that it improves mental alertness after using it.
  3. Brings about relaxation – use of the Opms kratom silver helps users to relieve stress and feel relaxed, and this benefit has been supported through the scientific evidence. Opms kratom silver also improves the user’s ability to concentrate, focus and think
  4. It is used as a stimulant – he has also been generally approved to be a very useful stimulant that ends in energy production on minimum dosage
  5. Used to enhance mood and inducing euphoria- Opms kratom silver helps to increase a relaxed mental state as well as improving the user’s mood. Users feel more confident and comfortable after consuming it

Side effects

Opms kratom silver has relatively minimal or probably zero side effects because researches have not been conducted to ascertain that it has negative impacts to the user, this brand is a little expensive compared to other brands, and this can enhance adverse implications to the user due to inconsistent use as prescribed. It’s also necessary to inform your physician about the usage to get advice and take precautionary actions to avoid future complications

Green Bali Kratom: Popular Health Benefits

Green Bali kratom boasts a lot of health benefits that include pain reliever, stimulation and increasing mental functionality to mention a few. It has the ability to impact power on an individual without necessarily making them feel fatigued. With this strain of Mitragyna Speciosa, you can rid your body of pain or discomfort without suffering the kind of dizziness caused by other analgesics. The following are more popular health benefits of green bali kratom.

  Relief from Various Pain

  When suffering from bodily aches, for instance, headaches, it’s advisable to use green Bali kratom, which is proven to relieve pain effectively. This is attributable to the alkaloids contained in the kratom, which repress pain sensitivity all over the body. In addition, users eliminate the need for sedation to relieve pain when using Bali kratom.

  Acts as an Energizer

Many people who handle the kind of work and activities that demand a lot of energy are most likely to benefit from green Bali kratom for its provision of supplements to boost their energy. Just a small dosage can increase not only a user’s sex drive but also increase their energy levels. In fact, many traditional GPs view it as an aphrodisiac. Other users also utilize it to boost their fertility. It’s, therefore, a good idea to use green Bali kratom to start off your day.

 Increased Mental Functionality

It’s impossible to live a comfortable life without a sharp memory or even a sharp focus. Green Bali kratom has a unique ability to provide its users with such to improve their clarity. It’s not unusual to find people experiencing enhanced mental alertness and a clear mindset in general after exploiting this specific kratom strain.

Long-lasting Effects

Relative to the red and white strains, the effects of green Bali kratom persist longer. This is attributable to the thick, stiff walls that make it hard for the body system to break down the kratom, giving sufficient time to take effect.

Relieves Stress

Green Bali kratom is also beneficial for people suffering from, chronic stress, mood swings and anxiety. After ingesting the kratom, the user’s body hormones are regulated, resulting in significant relief from symptoms that cause chemical imbalances. It, therefore, relaxes their body and mind, bringing out a feeling that negates agitation.

Treating Diabetes

This strain of kratom is also capable of regulating blood sugar levels. The alkaloids contained in the kratom serve to reduce the amount of insulin in your blood. It is through these regulations that people with diabetes manage their disorder; this kratom also prevents diabetes from developing at all.

From the precedence, it’s apparent that there are numerous health benefits to be derived from consumption of the green vein kratom. The leaves of this plant are rich in nutrients and chemical compounds that are widely utilized for medicinal purposes. Green Bali kratom provides a cheap and safe alternative to medicines for effective pain relief among other health benefits.